Dedicated servers

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When it comes to finding the right hosting offer for a website, the choice is never easy. There are a multitude of offers whose selection must be made according to the objectives of the site and your needs. If the hosting concerns a website or an application with high traffic, dedicated servers are the best solution.

The mode of administration of dedicated servers


By opting for a dedicated server for hosting your website, you have the choice between two modes of administration:
the managed dedicated server and the semi-managed dedicated server.

Managed Dedicated Server

If you do not feel able to take care of the management of the dedicated server, the provider may be of great help to you. In this case, you are in a managed server option where a team of experts is at your disposal to fully manage your server. The service provider takes care of maintenance, operating system security updates, monitoring server availability, etc.

Semi-managed dedicated server

For this type of server, you retain control of certain essential points of server management. For this, it is important to have certain technical skills allowing a correct management and configuration of the server. The owner of the site will have to rely on a technical team capable of helping him to manage and optimize the server environment. This will give your website greater operating system flexibility.

Dedicated server operating systems

Depending on the activity of the website and your needs, it is important to choose the most suitable operating system. With dedicated servers, you have the choice between a Linux or Windows operating system.

Indeed, to have a constantly accessible site with a fluid navigation with a fast loading time, these two systems are the most used. Among other things, you will benefit from flexible control panels with one or the other. With linux servers, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of control software like cPanel and WHM. On the other hand, when you choose a Windows operating system, the Plesk control software offers the appropriate functions.
With these operating systems, you are guaranteed to have powerful control tools with integrated management functions. Likewise, these two operating systems make it much easier to run the different software and programming languages. Linux is arguably the most accessible system suitable for basic programming languages. On the other hand, on the applications side, a Windows server is more suitable for supporting different types of software: Visual basic, Access, MS SQL, etc.

The storage capacity of dedicated servers

To ensure the performance of the website, it is important to take a look at the storage capacity of the servers.

Indeed, it is this element which is responsible for keeping in memory the various data favoring the operation of the site, applications, integration software and other services. In the case of dedicated servers, a choice must be made between HDD or SSD hard drives. The first corresponds to traditional hard disks which have a mechanical operation and the second have an electronic operation. While SSDs are appreciated for their speed, performance and lightness, they have a rather limited capacity.

To make an adequate choice, it is necessary to pay more attention to the capacities of the RAM. Also called empty memory, it will define the skills of the dedicated server with regard to data backup. The power of the server thus depends on this RAM memory as well as the speed of loading data. So remember that for your dedicated server, the higher the RAM, the faster and more efficiently the software and applications can be run.

Security features of dedicated servers

It is important to know that when IT operations server systems are offline, the downtime makes the website vulnerable. It is therefore important that with the dedicated server the website can benefit from optimal security. Indeed, with the dedicated server, you have to look for an offer with secure services, no matter what happens. In addition to the SSL certificate, the dedicated server must offer intrusion management, firewall functions and excellent DDoS protection. Malware and virus prevention is also a strong point of dedicated servers.

Technical assistance tailored to your needs

If you choose a dedicated server where you have 100% control of the server, sometimes technical assistance is required for one reason or another. Indeed, the site’s IT department may need the services of the supplier for certain administrative tasks which are sometimes complicated.

24/7 technical support is beneficial for the operation of your website. Thus, in the event that your dedicated server is down, the reaction time for the problem handling process is fast enough to avoid significant losses to the customer.

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